A Free Way to Get Internet Marketing Traffic Plus More Income

Is there a way to get Internet marketing traffic plus more income? yes, there is.

Is it free ? yes

How ? Use blogs !
I called them " feeder blogs " , why ? because i use them to feed my main website with traffic.

Steps :
  1. Create a new blog with a popular topic that is related to your main blogs/websites
  2. put links to your main websites
  3. update the feeder blogs everyday with related articles to your main websites
  4. put your main website link at the end of your posts
  5. don't forget to ping after you post the articles

Now, we would get extra traffic. How about the extra income ? you can put Google AdSense on that blogs, right? So mission accomplished, A Free Way to Get Traffic Plus an Extra Income has been found. Click here to get more info about Internet Marketing for Beginner. Have questions about Internet marketing ? go to http://internetmarketingfaq.blogspot.com.

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