Write Comments on Blogs for Internet Marketing Traffic

You can get traffic for a website by writing comments on related blogs. Why ? because you can get a back link to your website.

Step 1 : Find related blogs

  • How to find blog search engines ?

Enter " search blog " on Google search box

I think the main types of blogs are blogspot and wordpress. You can focus on them.

  • How to find related blogspot blogs ?
  1. go to http://blogsearch.google.com/
  2. type in " your keywords "
  • How to find related wordpress blogs ?
  1. type in " your keywords "+supported by wordpress on the Google search box

Step 2 : Write comments on other blogs

Rules :

  1. don't write your link on the comment box ! you can write it on the website box that is provided ( below the username and email ).
  2. write comments that are related to the post. Don't just praise the blog. You must read the post first, then write the comment.

At first, you just write one comment on each blog. Monitor which blogs give responses ( use Google Analytics ). To them that give responses, you can write comments again and try to build good relationships with the blog owner. Please try this method and let me know the results.

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